Me on WWL Radio … the Love of Fishing in City Park

It’s spring in NOLA. For many it means festive parades, blooming flowers, long low humidity evening walks, breezy kite flying weather or the gaze forward to daylight savings time and the spring forward of longer evenings.

But for me, it means totally something different … IT’S BASS SEASON.

And the season I’m most excited about is fishing out at City Park New Orleans.

Spoiler alert: while I don’t give away “ALL” my City Park Bass fishing secrets … um, a true fisher never will … I do give my Top 5 Fishing Spots for Kids in New Orleans as well as the basics on the what, where and how to start and catch something.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get “HOOKED” on bass fishing, too.

Click here to listen to the interview (I’m at 5:00 til the end) by Thanh Truong of WWL Radio “Why one of the largest urban parks in the US offers easy access to fishing” >

Until next time when I’ll put a fishing pole in your hand and revel when you catch your first City Park Largemouth Bass … Thanks, Thanh!!!

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