9 Love’em Most Memorable Kid Names in Kid Movies.

What makes a great kids character name? Silly, sarcasm, punny, the foreshadowing of what’s to come: these are all likely formulas used in creating unforgettable names. But while the names are memorable, it’s the movie character themselves that jump off the screen and create their legacy.

NOTE: I’m only talking about KID CHARACTER NAMES; not adult, toy or animal names used in kid movies. So no Cruella De Vil, Simba, Beetlejuice or Buzz Lightyear, etc. – sorry. And I’m also excluding any Harry Potters, Star Wars and Superhero Movie kid names – they deserve their own list.

Here’s my top 9. Who are your favs?

9 Darla (Finding Nemo). I think everyone knows a naughty, freckle-face, braces wearing kid out there. You haunt me, Darla. And I pray that I never cross paths with you at my dentist’s office. Pet store, either. (via rebloggy.com)

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8 Coraline (ditto, Coraline). A flip on Caroline, and yet, Tim Burton and author Neil Gaiman paint a lovely backdrop for an endearing story about a girl and her other parents. Thank you, guys. I can’t look at a button today without blinking. (via coralinegifs.tumblr.com)

(via coralinegifs.tumblr.com)

7 Junior (Problem Child). Yes, I can name several. But when I hear “Junior,” I only see a redheaded Problem Child tossing birthday gifts into the pool and rounding the bases with bat in hand. John Ritter was the only father who could tame this monster. (via gifsoup.com)

it-s-my-party-o (via gifsoup.com)

6 Scotty Smalls (The Sandlot). “You’re killing me, Smalls.” Really, you never heard someone use it? Early 90s, and so worth an hour and a half of your life. Wendy Peffercorn, you can save me any day. (via rebloggy.com)

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5 Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon). First thought: what a dumb name? After following his journey: brilliant. A boy and his pet dragon. What kid hadn’t dreamed? I only have Hiccup in mid list because it’s so young of a movie. (via gifsoup.com)

toothless-delicious-o (via gifsoup.com)

4  Not G-rated but teen’ish names. Ferris, Duckie, Long Duk Dong, McLovin, McFly and Stifler. You can’t speak these out loud without recalling a moment when you almost peed in your pants – at least I can’t. (Google’em)

3 Scut Farkus (A Christmas Story). Whose little red light doesn’t go off and also want to tear into this holiday bully like our beloved Ralphie does? (via gifsoup.com)

scott-farkus-o (via gifsoup.com)

2 Veruca Salt (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory). Classic, rub salt into the wounds of daddy. She even has an alternative band named after her. Plus, she makes her way into my vernacular often. Example at work, “I met the deadline, so why you goin’ all Veruca on me?” (via crushable.com)

Veruca-Salt-Willy-Wonka (via crushable.com)

1 Drum roll, please … CHUNK (The Goonies). Once upon a time, there was an adventurous, plump kid with a rousing obsession for … FOOD. Ice cream, whipped cream, potato chips, pizza, Baby Ruth, and who can forget the most famous of all, the truffle shuffle. Yes, Mouth, Sloth and Data are just as delicious. (via wifflegif.com)

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Your turn.