LOL at the Louisiana Book Festival 2018 !!!

LOL … and what I mean by this is that up until my daughter was about 4 years-old (pictured above), I always thought LOL meant “Lots of Love” vs “Laugh Out Loud.” Imagine my face for years when female co-workers typed LOL in work chat windows : 0

For this post, my intention for the use of LOL is just that –– Lots of Love at the Louisiana Book Festival 2019.

First, I’d like to say thanks for all the support from so many friends and family and people I have never met (and may never meet) who have jumped on this crazy book journey with me.

Your LIKES, comments, shares, retweets, regrams and clever uses of gifs, memes and fancy emojis have been a major source of encouragement to keep pushing the book out there and into the hands of kids and reluctant readers like me.

The whole weekend was spectacular starting with the LA Book Festival Author Party on Friday night with my sidekick and inspiration (again pictured above), my daughter. And the crisp air and bright, sunny weather for the Book Festival on Saturday couldn’t have been more perfect.

I hope this journey serves as a reminder that if you have a dream and stick with it, work hard, power through negativity, overcome adversity, and never ever put the pencil and paper and computer down, you too will learn … SOME DREAMS ARE SO POWERFUL THEY CAN BECOME REAL.

If there’s something in life you’re chasing or are dreaming of chasing,

LOL   :  )

Oh, and please do me a solid, leave a review of the book here … one word, one sentence or whatever