Amazing Maze

In The Works:

The Spellbindings: Amazing Maze

Beware: this book will put a spell on you.

(kids 9-12)

Two kids.

One 50 1/2 year old boy.

A world of uncanny insanity.

Get ready for the snort (beverage-of-choice) out of your nose misadventures of competitive tweens who get sucked into an outrageous world of kingdoms, creatures and catastrophes. For the land of Ma Zelle is chock-full with everything but snoredom.

Whether the tweens are solving the riddles of a 50-and-a-half year-old boy, re-inventing science class experiments (hopefully gone right), or fending off inhuman humans, Eric and Nelson are never far from trouble. It’s an epic excursion wrapped in rivalry, redemption and total awesomeness-ess (their words).

Can the boys uncover the mystery of “what the heck” to save their hide? Or will they become forever lost within the riddle of the Maze?


Want to read the first chapter? Leave a comment below.

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