What’s In The Works:

The Spellbindings

Warning: this book will put a spell on you.

(kids 8-12)

Two kids. One 50 ½ year-old little boy. A world of uncanny insanity.

Get ready for the misadventures of competitive tweens who get sucked into a futuristic world––a black magic book––filled with kingdoms, creatures and catastrophes.

Sometime not too far from now, Arik and Flash Nelson––the Runner boys––get lost in a book (literally) when a rumored fertility witch doctor puts a spell on them and traps them in a living maze to play with, or keep company, her long lost (and dead, unknown to them) son––the 50 ½ year-old little boy.

Whether the tweens are solving riddles, re-inventing science class experiments, or fending off inhuman humanoids, Arik and Nelson are never far from trouble. It’s an epic excursion wrapped in tween rivalry, redemption and mystery.

Once inside the maze, the boys eventually they come to realize that they ARE trapped in a book. How? Frustrated, they try to dig their way out only to discover that behind the towering maze is a wall of paper with words that describe their exact situations.

With the help of the 50 ½ year-old boy expert, the Runner boys discover a conspiracy that may enslave them all (or steal their souls). To get home, they’ll have to save a young lady chief from a futuristic machine or become trapped forever.


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