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HEXAGON 1NE ~ The Watchers

“On the bright side of tomorrow”

(Middle Grade kids 8-12)

Flying hover cycles. Fiery mecha bots. BFs.

After earth ends and re-population begins, two cKlone tweens get trapped outside of their safety pod hexagon by a fertility doctor who is out to snatch their souls.

Outside of Hexagon 1NE, Arik and Flash come to put their faith and hope in their only guide––a 750 ½ year-old human/android boy.

Arik’s twin sisters need medicine back home, something the boys finds aplenty in Hexagon 1NE. But how will they get back inside? How will they get home from the outside earth––a strange world, with strange mecha bots, and strange habitats surrounding them?

For Arik, home is his only desire. For Flash Nelson (self-proclaimed super hero), he’d rather stay and colonize his new territory.

Whether the cKlones are solving riddles, re-inventing science class experiments, or fending off red-eyed metal monsters, the tweens are never far from trouble. It’s an epic excursion wrapped in tween rivalry, redemption and far out science.

Mecha bots ready to pounce? A shifty band of warriors on the prowl?

The new earth is filled with twists and turns that eventually pit the tweens against each other (a warrior girl complicates things) … and eventually they come to realize that they make their own destiny. “Our choices, it’s the only thing we can control.”

To get home inside Hexagon 1NE, they’ll have to use their brains and brawn to outwit Mega Byte, a three-eyed mighty metal monster, and use their knowledge of science to navigate their way through a geometrical gateway.

Or will they become forever lost within the riddle of Hexagon?


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