Greatest Fishing Story

The Greatest Fishing Story Ever Told


Guess WHAT? Yep, it has been sold to Pelican Publishing Company. And hopefully will be released in the fall of 2017.

Details at: “I got a book contract – and nearly passed out!!!”

So get reading before I have to take this special sneak peek and first draft of “The Greatest Fishing Story Ever Told” completely down.

And … title has completely changed.



A life-changing essay told by a boy named Hatch

retold by a guy named Gary Alipio.
(kids 9-12)

Pestering insects, pesky neighbors, angry seas, boat blunders, and an encounter with a two-footed cryptid that inhabits Bayou Vivrè – the Loup Garou. You ready?

Here are the first few chapters online. Get to it before it’s sold and I have to take it down (keyword here is sold).

5 thoughts on “Greatest Fishing Story

  1. Hi Gary,
    Congratulations! Was your story picked up by Pelican or River Road Press? I look forward to seeing it in print.
    Take care,

  2. Hi Gary, I sent your name to Scott Campbell of the new River Road Publishing. I enjoy your stories you read aloud at SCBWI meetings… Thought you two should meet. Best wishes on all your projects!

    • Thank you for passing my name to Scott, Julie. Always nice to hear feedback from readings, good or bad. I really appreciate the plug and hope we get to work on something together in the future. And congrats on Army Camels Crystal Kite award. Really nice stuff, I hope it brings new projects galore for you.


    • Hi Julie,
      Guess what? Fishing Tale finally got hooked. Thank you for lovin’ the black coffee scene — lil surprises for people who like to be surprised. Thank you for believing it this tale.

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